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Not Your Enemy

Naloxone is a so on and so on

Not Your Enemy Cover

Description of The Project

#expectsurprises part 3

While conducting research for the #expectsurprises campaign I discovered a large portion of individuals in the united states attacking the fact that Narcan {naloxone) is offered for free while other life-saving medications and resources are so expensive many people die not being able to get access. The fact that there are people dying from the cost of their medication is a tragedy but it is important that people don’t forget that they are not the only people who need help. All those who are struggling require solutions and that includes those struggling from addiction. While drugs like insulin should be accessible so should naloxone, and that is what this project highlights.

why is narcan free?

Where It All Started

Public discrimination and lack of education

The public is not always the kindest to those struggling from addiction. Sometimes the discrimination is subtle, other times it is loud and in your face. While conducting research for #expectsurprises I found a plethora of statuses, memes, signs, threads and so on with the message that giving out naloxone for free while charging hundreds of dollars to other medications was a mistake. The sign seen above was particularly frequent and there were many people who scratch out parts of the sign to make a new message and that is where my idea came from.

Many of the statuses target addicts as not worth the effort and individuals who are choosing to die. While one could argue about the factors leading to addictions for days, the point of this project was to address the fact that both addicts and others who need medication need a solution. Everyone needs help not just one or the other.

So I decided to take the memes, threads, signs, statuses and so on and take away the exclusive message, leaving only the important part of the message. The part asking for help.


The Approach

Making an interesting experience

Because #expectsurprises is a digital project I decided I want to do something in print. I wanted to create a physical experience that would help individuals see the way hateful messages can be changed to call for solutions without excluding others who are struggling. In the end, I decided to do a booklet that contained various compilations of online messages I found calling out naloxone for being free. I tried many different kinds of booklets before arriving at a laser cut book.

The book contains two versions of each meme. The original message and the message with the exclusive parts missing. The message with parts missing would only leave the important message, the message that calls for solutions.


The Experience

Seeing the problem

Flipping through this booklet is an experience meant to emphasize the importance of being inclusive and creating solutions for all people. Light only shines through the important part of the message and emphasizes the importance of finding a solution for those currently without one.

This project is much more effective in person and being able to flip through the pages and see the light shine through the important parts of the message is key to the experience.