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Force Plus One


It all started when…

Everything is online now? Right?

My client’s dream is to make a world where individuals can feel safe. She has spent years creating and adjusting curriculums to make programs where individuals can learn the most. She has trained individuals across the globe and has provided life-changing courses to those who need it most. In her pursuit to provide safety training, she thought to herself, “How can I reach more people? How can I save more people?” That is where Force Plus One comes in. Force Plus One is an online personal safety course, where individuals can sign up for subscriptions and learn skills that could one day save their life.

The name comes from the Canadian Criminal Code, where when someone aims to use self-defence to get out of a dangerous situation, they may only use an equivalent amount of force being placed against them plus one. Plus one varies widely from person to person and depends dramatically on the individual and situation. In the same way, safety techniques cannot always be applied the same way or to the same degree from person to person. Age, height, experience, skill, strength, and many more factors drastically affect a person’s choice of tool.


The Mark

There is more to you than meets the eye

Force Plus One is about individuals using their full potential and going beyond what they believe they are capable of. “There is more to you than meets the eye”, that is exactly what Force Plus One is here to show individuals and that is where the iceberg motif came from. The iceberg is made from a combination of three shapes, the combination of different elements coming forward to make a single symbol represents the combination of many different forms of martial arts, hand to hand combat, feminist empowerment, non-violent communication, and many different teachers and training partners that eventually lead to the creation of a fully realized personal safety curriculum.


The Challenge


For this brand, it was difficult to narrow down its target audience because ultimately the client wishes to reach women from all over the world. Currently, the brand caters to English speaking individuals who have access to a computer and wifi. Eventually, the brand is hoping to expand beyond just English and expand to other languages so as many people as possible can have access to these safety tools.

After several discussions, we were able to narrow down who exactly Force Plus One needed to target. Generally, Force Plus One targets those between the ages of 18-34. It caters to women who are relatively new to self-defense or safety training and aims to help those who are hoping to learn skills that could help save their life. Once we were able to narrow down the target audience we were able to create several user stories that aided in developing the mark, the tone, and the visuals.

The Design

It all comes together

Force Plus One is a brand that will rely heavily on self-made videos coming from the client. It, therefore, must be simple and easy to follow so that it does not require special software to create the videos. This brand relies on icons and texture images. The icons are useful tools that the client can use throughout the videos. They are easy to insert and are effective at getting their message across without it looking cheap or overly cheesy.

The marble texture used in the brand helps to illustrate the idea of combining several different skills and pieces of knowledge in order to create a new, effective course. In the same way, textures such as marble and mixed paint can further demonstrate the combination of many different things to create something beautiful.

The brand's colours are blue and red. Blue to push the visual of the iceberg but also to visualize the idea of confidence, unity, stability, and calm. It says that Force Plus One is a place where one can come to be part of something that will bring out your inner confidence and it will bring calm to your life. Red helps to remind individuals of the importance of these skills. It pulls your eye to the message being delivered and reminds the user that there is danger and this course is here to teach you to deal with it. Red is also the final stage in the colour codes of awareness, a principle taught by Force Plus One to help individuals understand the difference between levels of vigilance needed for different levels of danger. The colour red is the highest level of vigilance because it signals the highest level of danger.


Story Boarding

The Brand’s Videos

The brand uses videos to deliver its course material. Therefore the brand needed a standard to be set when the client was to create her videos. The videos will use a combination of icons, text, and voice-overs to deliver the course material. For future lessons, there will be videos of techniques embedded but for the most part, these courses focus on preventing any dangerous physical interaction and will not require demonstrations.


The Merchandise

Future Development

Force Plus One is still under development and has lots of room to grow. In the future, there may be merchandise available to show support for Force Plus One or to raise money for nonprofits and other charities. Force Plus One has a lot of opportunities to do more with and this project will continue to be a work in progress. Force Plus One aims to make a better future for all, and I look forward to helping them help others.

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