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Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts


Rebrand Bamboo Spirit

Why the rebrand?

Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts is a different kind of martial arts school and its old brand did not emphasize its unique characteristics. While working with Brian Johns, we discovered that its old brand needed a revamp to illustrate the skill, professionalism and fun that Brian Johns brings to every class he teaches. He is a skilled Martial Artists and was granted the title of Master of Modern Arnis. His passion is teaching and he makes sure that all his classes are about keeping individuals safe inside and outside of the dojo. His new brand needed to stand out and need to emphasize the unique qualities of his school.


The Original Identity

Bringing consistency

Initially, Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts was not relying on any brand system. Aside from a logo the company lacked rules to bring consistency and to create a solid brand identity. The new brand made sure to bring consistent colours, typography, and tone to all of its content. Brian regularly creates blog posts, instructional videos, and social media posts all of which needed to be consistent.

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The New Look

Simple, friendly, and fun

Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts is a Martial Arts school that prides itself on their friendly, straight forward, and fun learning environment. Brian Johns is a skilled teacher with experience teaching in a variety of locations, with a variety of different people. He grew up losing his ability to hear and understands others struggle to find accessible communities. The new Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts look highlights the school simple, personable approach to teaching. It is a school that is approachable and flexible for all. While other Martial Arts schools tend to use red in their branding, Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts uses green to stand out and to highlight their fun, calm, attitude to teaching.


Characters showing character

The typography of Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts illustrates its personable, fun, and friendly environment. Aglet Slab is the Brand’s header typeface and communicates a friendly, modern feel. Lato is used for the body as a classic, modern, sans-serif that is versatile and clear.

Artboard 1-05.jpg

Style Guide

Setting the rules

This brand book is styled as a coffee table book and is quite large. Each page in the book is 17x11 and displays the guidelines in a clean crisp manner. It was key for Brian Johns to have a system layed out for him so he could continue to create videos, blogs, and posts that would align with the Bamboo Spirit identity.



The reveal

Brian Johns wanted a way for his current students to see his new look. We came up with a video that could be posted to his social media page that would introduce the new brand identity. The video was to be fun and poppy, but it could not be too long as it was to attract attention on social media.


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